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Leadership skills were enhanced in my News One, New Media, and KWTS Practicum courses. News One offered a series of tasks that students had to take charge of performing in order for the show to be properly operated. The final project in our New Media course was hosting a full conference about word of mouth marketing. All group members had to cooperate in order to give the 30 minute presentation and make sure all the requirements were met for inviting an outside professional and providing “leave behinds” for the audience. We each took charge of operating the radio station by ourselves for a 2 hour air shift.


Click on the pic below to see the prezi presentation that was created for the New Media Word of Mouth Marketing Model.





















During my internship with COA Outfitters, there is a sense of leadership developed when I have to take charge of capturing quality video to use for promotional purposes that I will also be the editor of. It was up to me to take charge and initiate how the videos should be recorded and edited because no one was going to do that for me. I was able to successfully record some awesome video on several hunts and create promotional videos that COA is using to this day.


Click on the picture below to watch the videos created for COA Outfitters.

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